March Roster

I started off this evening attempting to write a blog about both my recent trips to Shanghai as the first post seems to have disappeared into the black hole of t’interweb. I’ve got a really achey wisdom tooth though and I’m exhausted (for a change) and frankly struggling for inspiration to string sentences together so I’m going to make some more attempts at finishing that off tomorrow. Sorry.

For now though, as it was roster night last night, I thought I would do a quick post with my March roster. I forgot to bid for any trips for March as I was away on holiday over the bidding period and totally forgot. I’m paying for it though with a month of short haul and available days. I also get quite a few emails from people thinking of applying to be crew, asking what a typical roster is like so thought this might be useful to share.

We finish February with a quick trip to Houston in Texas, clearing on 1st of March. New destination for me.

2-4th March —> Days Off

5th – 8th March —> SAN (San Diego)

9-10th March —> Days Off

11-12th March —> TLV (Tel Aviv)

13th March —> OSL (Oslo) (one out landing at 10pm for a nightstop)

14th March —> OSL – LHR and LHR – ABZ (Aberdeen)

15th March —> ABZ – LHR then LHR to HAJ (Hannover) and HAJ to LHR

16th – 17th March – Days Off

18th March —> LHR – SVG (Stavanger, Norway) then SVG back to LHR then LHR to HAM (Hamburg)

19th March —> HAM – LHR

20th March —> LHR – ABZ, ABZ – LHR

21st March —> Groundhog Day. LHR – ABZ, ABZ – LHR

22nd – 24th —> Available Days (will probably be used for a long haul US trip)

25th – 26th —> Days Off

27th – 29th —> Available Days


This is a pretty normal roster in terms of workload for me, however I usually have a couple more long haul trips each month as thats what I bid for and enjoy. Unfortunately this month I was on the side of a mountain drinking vast quantities of Austrian beer in the sunshine when bidding closed and as such I totally forgot about it. Carmen (our computerised bidding system, rostering thing) has now given me this out of spite.


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