Transferable Skills

I just had to Google the correct spelling of ‘transferable’. Clearly spelling and grammar is not one of them. Shortly I have to write a blog for something else, so I’m really just writing this to have a little play with some ideas and see how they go down, so bear with. When I was […]

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Seattle, WA

I’ve just realised I haven’t actually checked whether or not I’ve written about Seattle before. If not, here’s another one for you. I’m bored and there is another hour ’til Silent Witness and I’m occupying myself so I don’t start WhatsApping people I shouldn’t be, so I thought I’d amuse myself by going through my […]

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40 Questions

I’m killing time until the washing machine finishes it’s cycle. This is doing the rounds on a few crew blogs that I read at the moment so thought I would jump on the band wagon. 1.Which airline is lucky enough to employ you?  British Airways (although not for a few months now) 2.What city(ies) are […]

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San Diego: Round Three

This is one of several posts that has been sitting in my drafts for months and months, so I thought I better get with it and clear them all out. I’ve been meaning to write this trip up for ages but haven’t really got round to it for a variety of dull reasons.  This was […]

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I really miss flying this week. I love my job now. I really like my office, my colleagues and the lifestyle it allows me to live, but on Sunday last week I went for lunch in Windsor with a friend I met whilst I was flying and I caught myself gazing up at a 747 […]

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Singapore – Part 3 of 3

This is about my thousandth attempt at writing this. I started it, then didn’t like it, then deleted it, then forgot about it, then started it again then lost interest halfway through then came back to it, wrote about three lines and lost interest again. I will actually finish it this time though.  I was […]

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Right. I’ll try to keep this reasonably brief. For those of you just joining us, if you have another ten minutes of your life to waste then it might be best to go back and read Singapore: Part 1 of Several first. For those of you that would prefer a brief précis, we had got to […]

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